Customer Segmentation using Unsupervised and Supervised Learning


Targeting potential customers is an essential task for organizations. It helps boost their revenue and tailor their needs to cater to the right customers. Moreover, it helps them understand why particular segments of people do not use their services.

In this post, we will study ways of preprocessing a high dimensional dataset and prepare it for analysis with machine learning algorithms. We will use the power of machine learning to segment customers from a mail-order campaign, understand their demographics, and predict potential future customers.

The code for this project is available at GitHub.

The data for this task is provided…


Airbnb is a popular home-sharing platform that brings together the comfort of a home far away from home. Hosts list their properties on Airbnb at reasonable rates, and people traveling can experience the true essence of the place.

Rachneet Sachdeva

Passionate software engineer having 2+ years of experience in leveraging machine learning for real-world text and audio processing tasks.

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